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The crimefighter known as The Flame is in reality Gary Preston. When Gary was just a baby, his missionary parents were killed in a flood while serving in China. The youngster was taken in by lamas who had befriended the Prestons and he was raised in their mystical ways. One of the things the lamas taught young Preston was how to master fire, to command it and make it do his will. He also learned to increase his own body heat and to travel from one place to another by entering flames.

Gary returned to the United States as a young man and decided to use his abilities to fight crime. He adopted the guise of The Flame in 1939 and battled the forces of evil for four years. In 1943, The Flame was part of a group of costumed adventurers who broke up an Axis spy ring in New York City. One of the members of this group was the mysterious Captain Time who stopped the fight, freezing everyone but The Flame, in time. Captain Time told his friend that he had just received visions of a great evil that was coming in the future. Without warning, Captain Time took The Flame 75 years into the future to 2018 so he could take on this threat when it arrives.

Stuck in the future, The Flame carries on his war against criminals, awaiting the return of Captain Time or signs of this menace to the entire world. Since his first appearance in our time era, The Flame has inspired several other heroes to step up and use their powers and ability to defend the weak and the helpless.

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The Arrow is one of the legacy heroes in the Golden Kid Universe. Her real name is Jessie “Sure Shot” Kane and she is the granddaughter of Ralph Payne, the first Arrow, who fought crime in the late 1930’s and through out the 1940’s. Payne married late in life and had one daughter, Amanda. Amanda fell in love with Eric Kane, a young police officer who discovered Ralph’s secret life as The Arrow and asked his soon-to-be father-in-law to train him to become his successor. Eric’s career as The Arrow was very brief though and he was killed after saving two children from a burning building.

Amanda Kane never forgave her father for letting her husband take up the mantle of The Arrow and she cut off all contact with the old man when she learned he was teaching young Jessie how to master the bow and arrow. Fearing he would convince her to follow in her father’s footsteps, Amanda forbade Jessie to ever speak to her grandfather again.

Still, Jessie had her grandfather and father’s great sense of right and wrong and she joined the police force, much to the chagrin of her mother. Having kept up her love of archery, Jessie felt inspired to become the third Arrow after the arrival of The Flame. Now, Jessie balances her career as a police detective with her calling as a costumed crimefighter, taking down the bad guys in both roles.

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